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Meehna Goldsmith @Meehna

Senior Copywriter
at Freelance in Los Angeles, CA

Not Available Freelance or Fulltime

Contact me: I'm always available via email and by phone if I'm not in a meeting or in the middle of a project.

A storyteller to the core, I find the heartbeat of brands and execute campaigns across platforms with seductive concepts and copy. Due to my versatility, I have created success stories in a variety of categories including luxury, healthcare, food and beverage, and tech—and relish the challenge of others. I lead teams, I build relationships, I mentor, I collaborate, I learn. I'm voraciously curious, daring and experimental, always seeking to elevate your business to the next level.


la prairie, Philips, Ipsos, Robb Report, American Express, FitBark


Copywriting, Concepts, Content, Problem Solving, Collaboration, Grammar maven



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