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101 @101

Startup, New York, NY – 1-10 employees

101 builds mobile-first teaching and assessment tools specifically for college STEM courses. Current STEM course tools such as online homework and response clickers poorly utilize technology to engage students in learning by wrapping generic question types (multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, etc) around static textbook content. Instead, we deliver uniquely tailored, touch-based interfaces that create new ways for students to visualize abstract math and science topics. Our first app, Chem101, provides tools for chemistry instructors to create engaging class assignments around these modules and receive intelligent, real-time feedback on student performance. Chem101 will be piloted during Fall 2016 in over 30 U.S. colleges/universities including MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Columbia University. We are growing a team of visionaries to expand this approach into a broad range of topics that cause pain to many of the 4.5M U.S. college students who take STEM courses every year.

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