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1/0 Capital @10capital

Startup, New York, NY – 11-50 employees

1/0 Capital is a venture capital firm and incubator focused in the financial technology space. We are funding and building the next generation of consumer finance and technology companies, using technology to improve user experience and fill poorly addressed market needs. This year our portfolio companies will extend over a billion dollars of capital to improve the lives of consumers, while creating value for our partners and investors.

Companies we have incubated include:

Future Finance. Europe’s #1 student finance company.
Better. Leading online mortgage originator.
Climb Credit. Largest finance company focused on career re-training and degree 2.0 vertical
Paribus. Leading online consumer savings application
The number. Pre-eminent income and home value estimation company
Phoenix. Consumer finance asset manager advising over $4.5 Bln.
Ferry Farm. Fast growing online loan asset manager

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