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Abacus @abacus

Startup, New York, NY – 11-50 employees

We're making the expense report obsolete.

Abacus is an intuitive way for you to reimburse your team, reconcile corporate cards, and implement your expense policy. By eliminating month-end expense reports, we’re turning the negative feelings associated with submitting expenses into a delightful, collaborative experience.

Our mobile apps help users quickly and accurately submit expenses on the go, while our customizable expense policy builder lets administrators automate rules, warnings and other policy specifics. Abacus also syncs with your corporate cards, syncing transactions to a single dashboard, and with your accounting software, eliminating manual data entry.

Check it out at www.abacus.com100s of customer, including Pinterest, Foursquare and Coinbase. $9 / active user / month.

"OMG this is amazing! Thank you. This really helps a lot. I have never experienced a return this fast before especially on expenses. The app is user friendly and definitely convenient."

"You are solving a hair on fire problem."

"Hope you had a great weekend. First off, just want to say that we are a new Abacus user and so far we love it. We've used [competitor] in the past and your product is so much easier to use. (Our CEO just muttered, "why would anybody use [competitor], with Abacus out there…")"We can be found in the iTunes, Google Play, Intuit, NetSuite SuiteApps and Xero app stores, but you more likely will be referred to us by a colleague that cares about you or your accountant :)

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Product Manager, Fulltime at Abacus (New York City)

We’re looking for our first Product Manager to join Abacus! As a PM at Abacus, you’ll collaborate closely with our engineering, design, sales, and customer success teams to prioritize, spec, coordi...

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