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Startup, New York, NY – 1/10/2017 employees

Activatr is a multi-channel word-of-mouth marketing platform for activating a brands consumers, employees, and influencers in a way that’s authentic and measurable. Through Activatr, brands can cede publishing control of their content to their consumers in exchange for an incentive. In doing so, they capture the power and reach of organic peer-to-peer recommendations. Activatr provides tools to track and measure the earned media, marketing and conversions that result from these social sharing and email outreach efforts.

In a world where millennial consumers don't trust traditional advertising, and where influencer marketing has lost its luster, brands need to find a way to not only engage consumers, but to capitalize on the increase in peer-to-peer conversations that happen before a purchase decision is made. Activatr provides the solution leading to higher conversions, engagement, and clicks; often 5-10x higher than traditional advertising and influencer marketing campaigns.

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