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Startup, New York, NY –   employees

acuteIQ is the first online customer acquisition platform that guarantees customer conversion to a brand's page. We have been assigned a provisional patent for our unique technical approach that exclusively uses 1st party audience data. Unlike Facebook & other ad ecosystems, acuteIQ provides brands with the ability to own the customer data, have 100% transparency into the source of audience and better insights. acuteIQ's commercially proven technology enables it to provide a 4x guaranteed conversion at each step of the consumer buying journey.

Our 24+ clients include all the leading media companies (e.g. ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC), financial service firms (e.g. Transamerica, Barclays and World Financial Group), and leading action/outdoor brands (e.g. North Face, Billabong). Our profitable business model is based on "pay-for-performance."

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