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AdMass @admass

Startup, New York, NY – 1/10/2017 employees

AdMass helps brands connect with and find their consumers.

To do this, we split the world into two markets — advertisers and influencers. This enables us to develop technology to maximize the effectiveness in each market.

For influencers, we’ve built an app to help them succeed at doing what they love, creating content and engaging with their followers. Using granular first party data across the influencer's social media platforms, we provide the influencer with actionable insights to improve their performance and partner with brands.

For advertisers, we’re building a platform that will enable them to form authentic, long lasting partnerships with the right influencers. This is a centralized place to find new influencers, manage influencers and execute campaigns. The rich insights our solution provides enables advertisers to become smarter about their next influencer marketing campaigns and, more broadly, their paid social strategy.

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