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Admiral - Adblock Publisher Solutions @admiraladblockanalytics

Startup, New York, NY – 11-50 employees

The power of the internet to inform, entertain and liberate mankind is at a crossroads. The future of ad-supported content is in peril, and with it, free access for citizens to critical news, education, discourse and resources the world over. The shorthand name for this looming catastrophe is "adblocking", but the root problems and solutions for users and publishers are more complex than ad reinsertion.

Adblockers claim adoption by over 200M users worldwide and publisher losses as a result of adblocking are estimated to reach $40 billion in 2016. Despite per-site adblocking rates ranging from 10% to as high as 40% for some tech-focused sites, the trend is still young and growing with a 40%+ growth rate over the past 12 months.

Admiral is the publisher analytics suite built specifically to help web and mobile publishers understand the impact of adblocking for their site, and automatically recover lost revenues by solving the issues driving adblock adoption for their userbase.

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